i'm a fan of my mom.

and here's why.
  • she's a great friend.  steph, jennifer, and lisa can attest to that.  
  • she makes fantastic potato soup.
  • she was on a dodgeball team. and wore a shirt that said dodge this. haha.
  • she is bringing me homemade jam. score.
  • because of her laughing fits that she has really late at night when we are playing cards.  especially during the slapping game.
  • because she was my main source of entertainment on countless american coach bus rides during my time in florida.  thanks for that ps.
  • she braids hair like no one's business.
  • because she's a nurse. which equals good health insurance. which equals nexium. which equals [cross your fingers...] no more stomach problems. 
  • she laughs at her own jokes.
  • she always there when i need her.
  • she also has cute hair and great taste in scrubs.
  • plus, she lets me wear/steal her shoes. the adorable bke heels. the loves of my life.
she's just a neat lady mmmk?  she's cute and funny.  she's a great example to me and i don't know where i would be without her.  i love her really a lot.

thanks a heap for being such a fantastic madre, momma.

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You are wonderful.