my car and i have been reunited. which is delightful. amazing even. it's just great. i love it.

so in my car that i love, i drove here to the town that i'm excited to be in. i was not, however, excited for the drive. blechk. shoot me in the pinky toe, please. but i caravaned with some peeps and they decided that they wanted to take an alternate route for reasons that will remain secret. don't worry about it. anyway. we drove the back way. and it was gorgeous. tons of tiny towns to drive through, beautiful scenery to be seen. a lot of great picture opportunities. too bad i was driving and incapable of taking advantage of them.

ok wanna know what i love about long drives? my zune. and the fact that we really bond and i remember how much amazing music i have that i rarely listen to. sometimes i even discover artists i never knew existed. it's a fun experience. i fell in love with mayday parade this trip. and also remembered that i have the shins cd, which is a band that i have been very fond of these days [thanks pandora].

the moral of the story: sour patch kids cause cavities and sleep brings about miracles.

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