about that...

first off: yes. i got tired of my old blog, so i got a new one. don't worry about the name.
second, i have this problem. it's called igetreallyexcitedaboutrandomthingsandmakespurofthemomentdecisions. like that one time i woke up and decided i wanted short hair so i went and got a huge chunk load cut off. ya, it takes me off guard sometimes. but once i get something in my head, i will not rest until it is accomplished. [have i mentioned i'm kinda, sorta, somewhat an impatient person?] people think i'm crazy but it's fun. nbd.
sometimes, though, the whole rash decision making process doesn't work out so well for me... like disney for example. my dear friend phillip was the first to spark my interest in working here. then signs started poppin' up on tables around campus and soon it was all that i could think about. three months in florida. three months that would otherwise be spent a] in cold rexburg, working at some menial job and taking night class, all the while freezing my patoot off and having next to no social life; or b] back in the homeland, scouring book stores for new additions to my overflowing collection, then off to jolts to cuddle up, read, and spend all the money that i'm not making on the little bit of heaven that is otherwise known as a jungle jack. both great choices, no? [option b actually sounds quite swell, minus the no money aspect.] so there i sat, in a random room i'd never been in, with random people i'd never seen before and the choice was clear. if i got accepted into the college program, to florida i would go. i did not doubt. until after i had the acceptance letter. and after i had accepted. THEN the reality of what i had just agreed to finally hit me. and as much as it pains me to admit, it scared the crap out of me. and it made me a little mad. mad because i am usually a fairly outgoing/daring person. and here i was getting ready to turn down this amazing opportunity. so you know, i got on the plane and came to the place where dreams come true. the entire time wondering what the frick am i doing. and praying to receive an answer to that question.
i still ask myself that question on almost a daily basis. some of the answers remain constant, but new ones are poppin' up all the time. it's great in a sometimes frustrating sort of way. faith. that's what this life is all about. life at the magic kingdom can and does suck like unto a lot at times. shockingly enough, it isn't always the happiest place on earth. but i know i am supposed to be here and will forever be thankful for the "experience." [hi, travis.]
so that's me. that girl that makes impulsive decisions.
and hi. i made a somewhat big one the other day. again, what the crap am i doing? faith. faith... it will work out. my fingers are crossed in hope. and everything will be fine. prayer works, God lives and has a plan for me. the things that i knew were right at one point are still true whether or not i think so at this current moment. everything will be fine. and by fine, i mean this plan of mine may turn out really horribly. but i know i'm supposed to do it and give it all i've got. [thanks a heap to a few select people for the continual reminders.] faith. it's a wonderful thing.


  1. So I am excited about your new blog! All I have to say is you better not quit posting. And I am curious as to how you came up with the name. Kinda random but I love it. Hope you are good and I can't wait to see you!!!


You are wonderful.